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I write about a lot of stuff. Expat experiences, parenting nightmares, cultural faux pas, reviews (I have a lot of opinions), journalistic essays.

My interviews have been tele/broadcast at HuffPost Live (World Parents),  KUOW (The Record), KBCS, Homefront Chronicles.

So now that we’ve established I have a lot to say, here are a few posts you may enjoy.

I hope you enjoy these stories.

Expat Experiences

‘Million Dollar Arm’ and Thoughts of Home: My personal reflection on the movie that follows the journey of two underdogs from a Cricket crazy nation into the sensational world of Baseball. For the complete story, click  here. 

Adjusting My Expatriate Indian Family to Seattle: Our story of stumbling through a world where English is different from English! The full story is here.

For more expat stories and bringing up a baby in a different culture, check out the links below:

Bringing up a Child in a Different Culture:

Birds, Bees and Underpants: I was shocked when a 4-year-old boy came up to my daughter and mentioned the distinguishing physical body part that makes her a girl. After recovering from the shock and coming to terms with our new reality, things looked a lot different. To read the complete story, click here.

More Parenting Nightmares and Lessons  here.

Reviews and Event Coverage:

Theater and Other Performances: I love theater. I am a closet drama queen and my daughter is drama personified. So we have great fun exploring various plays and theaters.

Since the little lady is also a ballerina and circus artist, we attend Ballets and shows across Seattle just so she can observe her craft in action! Here’s a link to the performance reviews (not -HR related) I’ve done.

I also follow all things Indian and review the shows and events I can attend. To read more, click right here!

Expat Consultation

I’ve stumbled and learnt to navigate a new city (I am topographically challenged), a new culture and a new set of rules – mostly traffic related, schooling system and a whole new world of unlearning. So I try and help fellow expats through their settling -in process so their extent of stumbling is drastically reduced. I also consult and help in the ‘learning and adjusting’ phase. To read more of what I’ve written, check out this link.

To reach out to me for consulting opportunities, please use the contact form.


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