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padmaja_ganeshan-singh_by_will_austinNamaskaram, Namaste, Hello!

Well that about sums it. Born a South Indian, married to a North Indian, currently living in the U.S., and desperately trying to raise a daughter without an identity crisis.

As a typical South Indian Brahmin child, (If you aren’t sure what’s typical about a South Indian Brahmin child, well you’ve just got to take my word for it now, don’t you?) I was raised into believing that Math and Science are the most important life-defining subjects I had to master to lead a life of happy data analysis and programming.

I meekly followed what was told to me and became an Engineer (Surprise!). I was also taught to keep gathering certifications, diplomas and degrees. So I started on my well-defined path burning the midnight oil. I soon realized that I loved analyzing…everything,  but wasn’t necessarily, a Material (Science) girl. So I did the next obvious thing on the list – MBA.

I became an HR professional and I loved working in the organizations that I did, helping create a people strategy – for development, growth and scale. My experience with GE, Google, Deloitte and PATH gave me an exposure and perspective of working for varied sectors.  I am  very passionate about Talent Management, Employee Relations, Talent Operations.

Through all the confusing decisions and crazy life choices, the only thing that’s kept me sane, is my love for writing. I love writing and given a good laptop, with a reliable internet connection, I think I can Google my way through any topic and create relevant content.

I focus on the expat life, cross-cultural parenting and offer consulting services and advice on HR, Career and Relocation Challenges.

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